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In a desperate attempt to save their app, Twitter made headlines by accusing Threads, (the app that the folks have been awaiting to ditch twitter for) of poaching their employees and stealing trade secrets. This controversy sheds light on the importance of protecting your intellectual property and treating your employees AMAZING so they flip on you!

The Allegations

Twitter alleges that Thread actively recruited their key employees to gain a competitive advantage, giving them access to valuable insider information. Additionally, Twitter believes that Thread has illicitly acquired their trade secrets, potentially using them to fast-track their product development. These allegations have sparked a legal battle between the two companies, as Twitter seeks to protect its intellectual property and maintain its market position.

The incident between Twitter and Threads raises important questions about protecting trade secrets and the role of non-disclosure agreements in ensuring confidentiality. Companies must implement robust security measures, including restricted access policies, heightened cybersecurity protocols, and comprehensive employee training on the handling of sensitive information. Regular audits and risk assessments can also help identify and address any vulnerabilities in trade secret protection.

Why is this important?

One of the significant advantages of trade secrets over other forms of intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, or copyrights, is that they can remain valid indefinitely, as long as they are kept under wrap. If you reveal them to employees, interns, team members, family, or whoever else and those people are recruited to work for your competitors.... if you didn't have iron clad contracts and protects in place. You may as well throw the baby out with the bath water, because its a WRAP! Most trade secret thefts come from employees, who either leave the company and disclose the information to competitors or use it to start a competing business... ie, exactly what Twitter is claiming THREADS has done.

What should I do?!

In conclusion, the incident between Twitter and Meta serves as a reminder of importance of trade secrets and business protections in general for ALL OF US! Otherwise, we can find ourselves on the wrong end of a legal case, facing potentially significant losses and long-term damage to their brand and reputation, due to letting our own most valuable assets (that being our IP and our team members) slip through the crack.

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