Before we start…


How do I know I’m ready for a trademark?

When you have a name, mark or slogan that you don’t want anyone else to use without your permission… you’re ready for a trademark.


How do I know if my name is open to trademark?

You can always check the website and do a preliminary search of your desired name or design. However, the results of this search are not inclusive of all marks that can possibly have an affect on your application being approved. Therefore, is always best to have an attorney perform a search on your behalf using a separate data system that will provide a much more accurate landscape of similar marks. This search is included in our trademark fee automatically. 


Does a trademark of my name protect my logo too? 

Trademarking your business name, and trademarking your logo design are two separate trademark applications. If you are deciding which to start with, we always suggest starting with your business name first. 


Are there bundles packages for multiple trademarks?

Each trademark goes through its own application process, and requires an equal amount of work, defending and effort. As a result, each trademark has an individual cost of $1299.99. We do not have “bundle deals” for legal services.


I filed a trademark on my own and it was rejected, can you help me fix it?

We can certainly look into it for you and see if there is anything we can do to help. However, once we review the application, our service fee to correct or defend an application that we did not file starts at $399.99. If you would like us to look into your application please email your trademark name/serial number and any other detailed information to





Will there be any additional costs after I pay the $1299.99?

Not for the application submission of one trademark filed under one class. The $1299.99 already includes the application fee, research fee and the service fee. The only additional costs that could be added are optional classes, if you want to file in more than the one class that is included in your trademark fee of $1299.99. You have the option of filing in multiple classes for an additional $275 per class. 

        What are the “classes?” 

The simplest way to explain classes is that classes are the category of products or services that you intend to sell using this desired trademark. For example, if you own a cosmetic company, but you also want to own your name in the stationary class because you also want to sell journals, that would be considered two classes.  Have more questions about classes? When you’re ready to file, schedule a call with us to discuss this more in depth. 



What happens after I pay?

You will receive an email from our team within 30 minutes with a form. The form requests all of the information we need from you, including the desire mark details, who you’d like listed as the owner of the trademark etc. Once we receive this information back from you, we get started on our research! 

















Once an application has been submitted to the USPTO there is no refunds whatsoever, seeing as though the USPTO office will not refund our office for your application. If we determine that the name you are seeking to file, prior to applying, is already trademarked, you have the option of submitting new names for researching, or opting for a refund for the trademarking cost minus our $300 research fee. Once we research the name and if it comes back with low risk results, but the client has decided to cancel the trademark process, we will only be able to refund $600 of the trademark fee. If we have researched multiple names for a client, who later decides to cancel the application prior to filing, again the most we will be able to refund is $600. 


Have more questions?

Please schedule a free consultation call with us to go over any additional details at this link.