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Their Secret is Out

As entrepreneurs, being in touch with what our audience needs and enjoys is pivotal to growth over the years and scaling for long term success. Currently, the brand we are all used to seeing the older generation faithfully driving (Buick) has been trying to reinvent itself through new cars targeted at a younger market, funny commercials and now a fresh new logo. Very quietly, Buick has filed a trademark application for a brand new logo that will be used on its vehicles (but they haven’t announced when).

Buick federal application for the new logo design, which is a refreshed more clean version of its “tri-shield” logo. The application, filed on March 16, 2022, has the three shields are now horizontally aligned without the ring around the mark that we’ve grown to know.

This billion dollar company is showing the importance of not only staying relevant, but protecting their brand even before they’ve even begun using the mark publicly. If you have not launched your business, or even if you have not publicly started using the name (or logo) that you want to register. You can still start the process to secure your brand and ultimately lock down name or logo you are holding on tightly to.

Give us a call at 313-585-0866, or visit our website to get started today.

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