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Cam’Ron Sued over "Pink Fur" Photo of Himself

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Cam'Ron is the latest celebrity to be sued for using a photo of themselves without the necessary permission from the copyright owner.

If you're new around here, or simply never knew that a photographer will automatically own the rights to the photography they shoot, it is true. And most do not take this issue lightly, especially when a shot becomes a widely recognized apart of the culture.

The lawsuit is alleging that the Dipset rapper failed to get a license before selling hoodies and other merchandise featuring an image of him wearing an "iconic pink mink coat" in 2003. According to Billboard, in a complaint filed Tuesday (April 11) in New Jersey federal court, "photographer Djamilla Cochran claimed the “Hey Ma” rapper (real name Cameron Giles) splashed her image — the shot of Cam wearing a fuzzy pink coat and hat while holding a matching flip phone — across a wide range of Dipset products"

Djamilla Cochran claims that she Cam'Ron repeatedly promoted the products on Instagram. These products included a shower curtains, pillows, swimsuits, socks and a birthday cake using this famous pink photograph to the right.

We don't have much faith in Cam'Ron coming out on the winning end of this issue. It certainly seems like he was warned several times concerning the unauthorized use of the photo, and not only ignored the warnings but began to pursuit commercial gain from the unauthorized use.

Check back often and we'll keep you posted as the matter progresses.

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