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Imitation isn't the sincerest

form of flattery

Protect your brand, your business and dreams with a trademark.


Avoid these expensive DIY Trademark mistakes. Download our short guide below.

What if I told you that you can finally be fully protected

and have legal recourse should someone duplicate your business name?

Or if someone copies the cool saying from your t-shirt or dope design illustration?

What about that tagline or course name that took you months to come up with?

Have you thought about your brand recognition and what you would do if someone operated  a business with a similar name without your permission?

If you've been going back and forth about getting a trademark, these are just a few of the common scenarios that have cost entrepreneurs thousands of dollars, if not their entire business.


The truth is, not trademarking important parts of your business is leaving you vulnerable to being copied. You're just one right-click away from having your creative juice leveraged and monetized by someone else.

Just like my clients, you can protect your business from people trying to profit off your creative name or phrase and ensure that only you are benefiting from it. 


Worried that someone might use a similar name in the same line of business?


Terrified that someone else would trademark your name before you and put you out of business?


Concerned about what a duplicate or a similar name can do for your brand recognition?

It's time to trademark!

Client  Testimonial


"I've always "heard" about trademarking things but I never knew what it meant... and I thought it was some overly complicated and expensive process. After a brief phone call with Kyona I not only understood it but also saw how much I needed it. The McGhee Law Firm makes everything simple, seamless and they're very affordable. I've had all three of my companies trademarked with The McGhee Law Firm"

- Quenton Ross

Owner of Q11 Photography Studios

Protect your brand, your business, and your earnings with our trademarking services

Once you have your business name, phrase or logo trademarked, you will finally be able to take formal legal action should someone use or profit off the trademarked name. Put your mind at ease because you know that you, and only you, can use what you've created. You don't have to keep stressing yourself on what you'd do if someone takes your business name. With my help, you can have its sole and full ownership.

Client  Testimonial

"We recently decided to trademark our business to prevent what we've worked so hard for being taken away from us. Kyona did a very thorough review to ensure our business name could be trademarked, we walked away feeling accomplished and proud to have made such an investment!"

 - Robyn Fuller

Founding Partner of J&F Advisors


Fact: Filing an LLC does not prevent other businesses from using your brand and having the same name.

There is a lot of inaccurate information floating around the internet, and Google University will not be able to provide you the same counsel that someone who earned a law degree can. With your brand and your business at stake, you need the help of an experienced attorney who knows the ins-and-outs of the law and can give you the full protection for your business name, logo, or slogan.

An Overview of the Trademarking Process

Here's what happens when The McGhee Law Firm files a trademark on your behalf:


You'll receive an email requesting all the pertinent information we need to begin our research


We do a search of the United States Patent and Trademark Database and all 50 states' databases to discover related terms/marks, and if you are eligible to smoothly trademark your chosen name, phrase, symbol, or design.


After five days, you will receive an Official Opinion Letter outlining whether or not you should proceed with the trademark application and recommendation on what to do to increase your chances of a successful filing. If the results of this research determine that it is not in your best interest to file the mark, we will refund your application, absent the $200 research investment. 


Once you have a clear understanding of the search results, we'll file the official trademark application after having our official post-research conference call. We handle all preparation of the file and monitoring of your trademark application, responding to all procedural actions from the USPTO, and forward updates immediately to client.


Client  Testimonial


"Our non-profit agency is growing and we've put in years of work for this agency. Kyona helped us protect the work that put into our organization everyday!" "Our non-profit agency is growing and we've put in years of work for this agency. Kyona helped us protect the work that put into our organization everyday!"

 - Desiree Cook

I Am You 360

Our trademark services will help you obtain the ownership of your business name without any stress or effort on your part.


Kyona McGhee, Esq

Kyona McGhee, Esq is a business lawyer that specializes in business formations and protection. As a small business owner herself, she has experienced the trauma of failing to own her company name, because someone beat her to the trademark process years prior.


Knowing from her first-hand experience and her legal career the importance of trademarks, she dedicates her professional career in ensuring the hard work of all business owners is legally protected. Therefore, the daily mission of the McGhee Law Firm is to deliver efficient and cost-effective legal services to every client, while also treating each case like it's our most important case.

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