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LLC (Limited Liability Filing)

LLC (Limited Liability Filing)

Ready to make sure your state knows that you're a real business and not just some random person swapping services/products as a hobby?  Let's DO IT! We will ensure 1.) the proper LLC documentation is filed with your , 2.) we will provide your Employer Identification Number for your taxes as well. NOTE: This filing fee is our service fee, the filing cost for your state is in addition to the filing service fee. Each state's filing fee is different based upon their own laws and regulations.
  • Legal Terms and Agreements


    Once a trademark is purchased, and our team begins the trademark process immediately. Clients  will be emailed the intake form and welcome guide instantly via the email you purchase the service using.   If we have began your trademark process, which occurs immediately upon payment, the most refund a client can receive back is the price paid minus $350.00. This amount is not guaranteed when requested, but only provided when the client has not yet completed the initial intake form. The refund may be less if we have performed multiple trademark searches on the client's behalf, after the first two searches, each additional search will cost $100 if a refund is requested prior to filing. We will not provide a full refund after we have begun working on your trademark process.

    Once a trademark is submitted to the USPTO office,  there is no option for a refund. The client agrees to this understanding by submitting payment via our website and submitting their intake form to our firm for representation. 

    Attorney Representation

    By purchasing our trademark service, you are consenting to allowing our entire firm to work on your trademark application. Our staff members include attorneys, paralegals and administrative staff. Kyona McGhee, although she is our founding attorney, she is not the only attorney in our office and your application may or may not be assigned directly to her for filing.  

    Service Rendered: 

    When purchasing the trademark services, The McGhee Law Firm, PLLC,  Kyona McGhee, Esq, and the office staff therein, are not consenting to representation throughout the entire trademark process beyond the selected service. The service fee covers the precise and only the exact service listed in the description of the store product page. Services beyond the listed description should not be expected from The McGhee Law Firm nor will they be performed without an additional payment and agreement for services.

    Please read our full legal terms and agreements here.  

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