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Library of Contract Templates

Library of Contract Templates

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Every entrepreneur needs contract protect as they begin their business, grow their business and scale their business to new heights. But often times, not being able to afford to hire an attorney to craft personalized contracts every time you need protection stands in our way.


The answer to your prayers has finally arrived.  


Inside this Contract Bundle, you will receive all contract templates that every small business owner needs to feel confident in their business launch, growth and scaling! 


The Bundle Templates Includes: 

  • Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement ( to keep your business secrets, YOUR business secrets)
  • Work-for-Hire Agreement (to make sure when working with photographers, graphic designers and other creatives that you, the business owner, retain full rights to the work upon completion)
  • Influencer Marketing Agreement (whether you're the influencer or you hope to work with influencers to promote your brand, you need this)
  • Website E-Commerce Policy Terms and Agreements ( to protect you if you are selling anything on your website)
  • Consulting Contract (if you coach or providing consulting, this is a no-brainer) 
  • Speaker Agreement (want to get into public speaking, secure your stuff using this agreement)



How will I know how to use the templates: 

We've already created the perfect how-to-guide, explaining what to delete, what to add and what to write in each blank to ensure the contract/agreement is completed properly. 






  • Legal Notice

    Important legal notice about this bundle:

    * These are templates. They were not pre-drafted with your personal  business in mind, but instead a general small business template that can be applies across multiple uses/industries 

    * They've been created by an attorney, but not YOUR PERSONAL attorney. What does that mean?  It means that if you have legal matters/concerns that reach beyond a general contract template, you will need to hire an attorney for legal advice that is specific to your issue. 

    *Templates are not to be used as personalized  legal advice from The McGhee Law Firm, PLLC, (nor Kyona McGhee). The templates should be used for educational purposes to ensure you are educated about the process of protecting your agreements. 

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