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Cease and Desist Demand Letter

Cease and Desist Demand Letter


After all the hard work and investment of protecting your brand, you discover another person, trademrk filng,  social media account or competitor copying your federal trademark?!


That is where we step in!


Avoid the urge to contact the infringer on your own by shooting them a direct message on Facebook or Instagram.  The last thing you want to do is come off as unprofessional, or even worse NOT LEGALLY SERIOUS about protecting your business at all costs. Allow us to serve the infringer with proper notice of your intention to defend your brand and exercise your federal rights against them if they do not immediately cease the actions at hand. We will serve them electronically, by first class mail and/or by process server depending on the contact information we have.


Within the demand letter we will include

  • legal proof of your ownership of the brand,
  • include dates and samples of their infringing activities,
  • make the legal demand to cease,  
  • explain your rights regardng the issue at hand, and
  • express our truest intent of defending this brand to the fullest extent 
  • and lastly provide a deadline by which to comply and/or respond. 
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