Webinar Bundle!

Webinar Bundle!


Neither of these course will make it 2022, so if you know your business needs this personalized help, it's time to grab them now! 


The Sell-a-bration Webinar

If you struggle coming up with marketing campaigns, if you struggle  finding new clients, have trouble coming up with content ideas, or even maintaining the clients you once had, SELL-A-BRATION is for you


 We're going to dive into it all in during a 2-hour course (that turned into a 4 HOURS!) on making money online, especially through social media! 


Selling in the age of social media is unlike any other time.  Posting on your blog once of a week isn't going to cut it. Trying to post a flyer of products on Instagram or Facebook a few times a week won't create a connection with potential clients. It takes much more, it takes learning a new language, and building up that marketing muscle. You have it in you, you just need this course to help flip the light switch to an array of new ideas, new techinques, and new resources to make it happen! 


Get ready to learn: 


1.) The signature  "Money Making Marketing Campaign" that has secured several 5 figure "launch day" earnings in just the past year alone! 


2.) The 10 Sales Commandments


3.) The apps/websites to ease your business productivity


4.) How to create a community of adoring fans instead of just followers who may never buy a thing. 




You'll also get: 

  •  My own list of reasonably priced graphic designers that have helped me bring some of my past projects to life
  •  A chance to submit your own "PICK HER BRAIN" marketing question prior to the recording, to ensure whatever your own problem area is... is SOLVED! 




Kyona has successfully launched and scaled three businesses in the past 10 years. The first, was a entertainment blog that even landed on VH1's Love and Hip Hop! The second was a product based business that sold over $100,000 in tshirts in less than 18 months. The latest business being (obviously) a service based business that has crossed the seven figure mark in less than 2 years!  If you're going to learn these skills from anyone, learn it from the one has done it, not once, not twice, BUT THREE TIMES!


Oh and why now? Because the next time this course is sold, it will be almost $2,000! This is our starter course, before we scale to a much larger offering next year, so why wouldn't you secure the information while you can for a fraction of the cost?! 



The Start Up Sleep Over

If you want to launch a personal brand, product based business or a service based business this year, this is the SLEEP OVER for you! We're going to dive deeply into everything from

  • how to launch (and how we launched) with minimal funds
  • what we wish we would have known to do from the beginning
  • how to connect with your target audience without being annoying
  • online sources/hacks to make your business run without you 
  • our biggest/most expensive mistakes made to date 

and soooo much more! 


This two-hour special will be backed with giveaways (Amazon Gift cards),  six figure earner special guests (Krystal Lee founder of Girl + God, and Doni Walton Founder of Hoop Mobb), and of course popcorn drizzled in business secrets! 


Sign up for the Sleep over now! We can only have 100 women on the live sleep over so don't wait!  You'll receive the link for the sleep over 24 hours before to your email to ensure you don't miss out on the good time!